Usokon (2023)

Usokon (2023)

Other name: ウソ婚 / ウソこん / Our Fake Marriage / Lie Marriage

Description: Yae is a young woman facing financial hardship. When her friend gets married and she loses her job, she is unable to afford rent. To make matters worse, her boyfriend dumps her, leaving her feeling completely helpless.
In her time of need, Yae’s childhood friend Takumi enters her life and suggests she take on a part-time job as his “fake wife” for six months. In return, she will receive housing and living expenses. Of course, Takumi has his own motivations for wanting people to believe they are married. Unbeknownst to Yae, Takumi has been in love with her since childhood, and he uses this opportunity to try and win her heart.
This “fake marriage” starts off as a means of survival for Yae, but over time, will the couple be able to turn it into something real?


Status: Completed

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