Love Song for Illusion (2024)

Love Song for Illusion (2024)

Crown Prince Sajo Hyun of the Sajo Dynasty is an introspective character whose past is marred by an oppressive father. His true identity is unknown, allowing him to work as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique. The other side of his personality, Ak Hee, is a charming individual whose touch causes him agonizing pain. Yeon Wol is the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon Dynasty, living a life of vengeance as an assassin. Her mission to assassinate the king leads her into an unknown trap and she loses her memories. As she begins to fall in love with the King, she discovers the shocking truth of her identity. Through a heart-fluttering love story and an intense obsession, Prince Hyun and Yeon Wol must battle their inner demons and the forces of fate in order to find true peace.


Status: Completed

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