Trick or Love (2023)

Trick or Love (2023)

Other name: 鬼之執行長 / 鬼之执行长 / Gui Zhi Zhi Xing Zhang / Kuei Chih Chih Hsing Chang / Ghost CEO

Description: Liang Jing Qi’s family is eager for the re-opening of their beloved “Memory Bakery”. However, their plans are disrupted when they are informed that the store has been sold. The Liang family attempts to purchase the bakery, but the new owner raises the price, making it difficult for them to regain ownership. In an act of desperation, Jing Qi is presented with a peculiar offer from Guan Heng Wei: he will provide the remainder of the funds, but she must agree to masquerade as his fake boyfriend in order to avoid his grandmother’s arranged marriage. Reluctantly, Jing Qi accepts and the pair carry out the arrangement, unaware that Guan Heng Wei has been orchestrating the entire situation.


Status: Ongoing

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