The Way You Shine (2023)

The Way You Shine (2023)


Zhou Xin Xing and Xia Tian Yu are two unlikely romantic partners. Zhou had once dreamed of opening her own patisserie and living a happy life with her husband, but life had other plans. After a death in the family and financial difficulties, she takes a job at the dessert store Les Années Lentes. Xia Tian Yu is the third-generation heir of the Yucheng business group expected to become its CEO, but he has no intention of doing so. Despite his cold exterior, he is suffering due to a traumatic childhood incident. He too takes a job at Les Années Lentes. As their paths cross, they develop feelings for each other and decide to enter a prestigious dessert-making contest. However, they face opposition from Zhou’s former long-term admirer and Xia Tian Yu’s suitors. Will the couple make it together or will societal pressures separate them?


Status: Ongoing

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