Soundtrack #2 (2023)

Soundtrack #2 (2023)

Ji Soo Ho and Do Hyun Seo, who had been in a relationship for six years prior, reunite after their lives have taken different paths. Soo Ho is a wealthy CEO, while Hyun Seo has given up her dreams of being a piano instructor. In order to further their respective goals, they start piano lessons together. Talented musician Kei joins them, entering into a collaborative project with Soo Ho. The project requires the three to stay and work at Soo Ho’s house, creating a unique dynamic between them. As the trio work together, Soo Ho discovers the reason Hyun Seo left him and Hyun Seo worries about Soo Ho’s health. Meanwhile, Kei makes his admiration for Hyun Seo apparent. As Soo Ho and Hyun Seo’s relationship grows, they face unforeseen obstacles on their journey together. Will time bring them closer or tear them apart?


Status: Completed

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