Scent of Time (2023)

Scent of Time (2023)

Other name: 为有暗香来 / 為有暗香來 / 洗铅华 / Xi Qian Hua / Wei You An Xiang Lai / Subtle Fragrance Floating / The Female Supporting Role / The Scent of Time

Description: A young working woman in the present day finds herself suddenly and unexpectedly transported into the body of a female supporting role of a novel she had been reading all night. The character she inhabits is caught up in a complicated family life with a traitor father and a playboy brother, and has already done a number of bad deeds in the novel’s earlier chapters. The woman has to find a way to ensure the safety of her character in the novel, a journey which proves to be full of obstacles and difficulties. As she experiences the novel firsthand, she discovers the power of the heroine to make people smile, and works to take her pile of bad cards and turn them into a winning hand.


Status: Completed

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