My Dearest Part 2 (2023)

My Dearest Part 2 (2023)

Other name: 연인 파트 2 / 연인 2 / 戀人2 / Yeonin Pateu 2 / Lovers Part 2 / Lovers 2 / My Dearest 2

Description: Jang Hyun is a cold-hearted man who has lost all purpose and desire in life, until he meets Gil Chae, an admired and charming woman. Gil Chae’s first love, Yeon Jun, is engaged to her best friend Eun Ae. Yeon Jun is a student at Sungkyunkwan and struggles with his feelings for Gil Chae, unable to break his engagement due to tradition. Eun Ae is supportive of the two and does not hate them. As Jang Hyun becomes intertwined in the complicated love triangle, Gil Chae is left to question her own feelings. Matters are further complicated by the outbreak of war. In the midst of chaos, will the four be able to survive the challenges of war and find their true love?


Status: Completed

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