Moon in the Day (2023)

Moon in the Day (2023)

Other name: 낮에 뜨는 달 / 白晝之月 / Naje Tteuneun Dal / Daytime Moon / Moon Rising at Noon / Moonrise During the Day / The Moon that Rises in the Day / Дневная луна

Description: South Korean celebrity Han Joon Oh is renowned for his good looks and towering height, but hides a deep-seated inferiority complex. During a filming for a public service announcement, a car accident puts his life in danger. Fortunately, the heroics of a female firefighter named Kang Young Hwa saves him. In appreciation for her efforts, Han Joon Oh’s representatives hire her to be his bodyguard. However, when he awakes from his coma, his body has been possessed by the spirit of Do Ha, a nobleman killed by his wife Han Ri Ta in ancient Korea. This vengeful spirit is determined to find his murderer and seek revenge.


Status: Completed

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