Like Flowers In Sand (2023)

Like Flowers In Sand (2023)

Kim Baek Doo was born into a prestigious ssireum wrestling family, and has been a part of the ssireum team for the Geosan County Office since his childhood. Although he was once considered a genius in the sport, he is now considering retiring from ssireum altogether. When he reunites with his childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung, he finds a new purpose in the sport. Yoo Kyung has been tasked with leading the management team for the struggling ssireum team, and Baek Doo throws himself into the effort alongside her. As they work to keep the team alive, they encounter a variety of characters including Min Hyun Wook, a stranger who has suddenly arrived in Geosan County and adapted to life easily, Joo Mi Ran, a mysterious cafe owner, the new coach, Kwak Jin Soo, and Cho Seok Hee, Baek Doo’s best friend and a police constable.


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