Kurosagi (2022)

Kurosagi (2022)

Other name: クロサギ / The Black Swindler

Description: At the age of 15, Kurosaki Koshiro’s life was forever changed when his father fell victim to a fraud scheme and attempted to kill all members of their family, leaving Kurosaki as the sole survivor. This trauma shapes Kurosaki’s life from there on, driving him to exact revenge on swindlers who take advantage of people and rob them of their hard-earned money.

To the outside world, Kurosaki appears as an ordinary young man content in his life with his black cat Kuro, but underneath he is a loner who does not trust easily. Through various encounters and confrontations with his painful past, Kurosaki strives to fulfill his mission to bring down those who deceive and defraud unsuspecting victims.


Status: Completed

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