I May Love You (2023)

I May Love You (2023)

Other name: 对你不止是喜欢 / 對你不止是喜歡 / Dui Ni Bu Zhi Shi Xi Huan / I Don’t Just Like You

Description: Tang Xin, a screenwriter, has years-long unrequited feelings for her boss, Tang Yu. When Tang Yu pursues her best friend, Tang Xin keeps her feelings silent. Eventually her friend rejects him and Tang Xin finally gives in to the temptation to confess her own feelings. Tang Yu rejects her however, and dejected, Tang Xin resigns and decides to move on. To her surprise, Tang Yu does not accept her resignation and continues to pursue her. Tang Xin must decide to either stay and try to move on from her feelings, or confront Tang Yu’s intentions and make a decision on their future.


Status: Completed

Released date:


Starring: , , , , , ,

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