Humans (2021)

Humans (2021)

Other name: 完美芯机人 / 你好,安怡 / 你好安怡 / 芯侍 / 真实的人类中国版 / Wan Mei Xin Ji Ren / Ni Hao An Yi / Zhen Shi De Ren Lei / Xin Shi / Perfect Robot

Description: Set in 2035, Shehong City, a family acquires a household robot of the Synth 2035 model. As the robot, An Yi, spends time with the family, they begin to recognize her as more than just a robot. Li Yao, a young man searching for An Yi, discovers that his father created four robots with human emotions to be companions for Li Yao, though three of them are stolen. Li Yao and An Yi must evade the pursuit of Professor Huo in order to reunite their family and find the stolen robots. Along their journey, An Yi grows and matures, learning about love and humanity, as she fights and protects her family and friends.


Status: Completed

Released date:

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