Evilive (2023)

Evilive (2023)

Other name: 악인전기 / 恶人传记 / Akinjeongi / Aginjeongi / EVILLIVE / Biography of a Villain / Villain Story / Дорама Злодей

Description: Han Dong Soo is a rational and reasonable lawyer, but when he unexpectedly takes on a case involving the #2 ranked member of a crime organization, Seo Do Young, something triggers him to cross the line and enter the world of evil. Meanwhile, his younger half-brother, Han Beom Jae, works at a second-hand computer shop and acts as his case broker. As Han Dong Soo digs deeper into the case, Han Beom Jae notices that his older brother has changed and he is no longer the reasonable lawyer he once was. Seo Do Young, a former baseball player and master manipulator, hides a cruel and unpredictable madness beneath his handsome looks. Over the course of 10 episodes, Han Dong Soo will navigate this treacherous new world.


Status: Ongoing

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