Bump Up Business (2023)

Bump Up Business (2023)

Other name: 범프 업 비즈니스 / 범프업비즈니스 / Beompeu Eob Bijeuniseu / Фильм Удар, поднявший бизнес

Description: Eden is a trainee on the brink of his boyband debut when he meets Ji Hoon, an aging celebrity from the same agency. Despite feeling uneasy about the idea, Eden agrees to a “business gay performance (BGP)” with Ji Hoon in order to make his debut, forming the group “BoK”. As they spend more time together, Eden is exposed to Ji Hoon’s teasing nature and the two begin to develop a closer relationship. This is complicated by the appearance of top stars Hyun Bin and Jay, leading to misunderstandings between Eden and Ji Hoon that must be cleared up in order for their true feelings to be revealed.


Status: Completed

Released date:

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Bump Up Business (2023) trailer

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