Bon Appetit (2023)

Bon Appetit (2023)

Other name: 본아페티 / 본아 페띠 / 본아페띠

Description: Yoon Soo is a dedicated office worker who has grown accustomed to living a solitary and uneventful life. His peaceful world is soon disrupted, however, when his old college junior Doo Hoon appears at his doorstep with a bowl of sweet rice soup as a housewarming gift. From that moment on, Yoon Soo begins to develop feelings for Doo Hoon, spending days off with him and enjoying the newfound sweetness in his life. As their relationship grows, Yoon Soo discovers that he is growing increasingly fond of his neighbor, while Doo Hoon reveals his own past regret of not having the courage to confess his love for Yoon Soo. Over time, the two learn to move past this and look to a brighter future together.


Status: Completed

Released date:

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