Absolute Zero (2023)

Absolute Zero (2023)

Other name: องศาสูญ / Ongsa Soon / Ongsa Sun

Description: Suansoon and Ongsa are two high school friends who end up becoming boyfriends. On the night of Suansoon’s birthday, Ongsa is in a car accident and Suansoon blames himself for it. Suansoon then wishes he could go back in time and prevent them from becoming a couple.

Unexpectedly, Suansoon wakes up in the past where he meets the younger Ongsa. However, Ongsa from ten years in the future appears and warns his younger self not to avoid the accident or else Suansoon will die. Reluctantly, Ongsa lets the accident happen and wakes up in the past again. This time, he decides to change his fate and not become Suansoon’s boyfriend.


Status: Completed

Released date:

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