A Business Proposal (2022)


Shin Ha-Ri is a hardworking woman – employed at a company. She has been crushing on a male associate. but she is aware that he is already in a relationship. Shin Ha-Ri remains dejected until her friend Jin Young-Seo shows up. Her friend replaces herself for  blind date with Shin Ha-Ri – she accepted the offer and went ahead with the plan.

She poses as her friend to the blind date as Jin Young and she didn’t have much hope of being accepted and she is shockingly surprised to find that it is Kang Tae-Mu on the other end waiting to meet the blind date. He happens to be the CEO of the company she works in.

Kang Tan-Mu is running the company that his grandfather set up. The blind date was a request made so by his Grandfather. because he feels that he is too focused on work. He think his grandson is not have perfect life vs business balance. The requests have been so many – so Kang has decided to marry eventually someone to stop these requests.

So Shin Ha-Ri is on the other end of this – He calls her up after the date to tell her than he wants to marry her.

Original Network: SBS; Netflix;

Director: Park Seon Ho [박선호]

Other name: 사내 맞선 사내맞선 Sanae Matseon Sanae Matsun Sanae Majseon In-House Confrontation In-House Match Confrontation in the Company Meet the Man Meet the Guy The Office Blind Date Business Proposal


Status: Completed

Released date:

Genre: , , , , ,

Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,

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